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2022, A yr set to be outlined by leisure. No no not that leisure, the one at massive, no.

This (2+0+2+2=6) code of Devil yr, The Leisure takes his first steps to tear down the partitions of the cultural imperialist Hollywood as we all know it.. 

That’s proper. thats me and I’ve simply declared warfare on anybody who says popular culture needs to be American or something preconceived. So be part of me fellow warriors of fact & artwork.

I’m taking us on magical thriller experience right into a world often reserved just for white males and some black of us:. I’m gonna present Singapore and the world the necessity to dare.. The necessity to dream..

Individuals of the world you, that you must neglect in regards to the odds and the arithmetic and the bullshit and simply observe your hearts it doesn’t matter what and I imply really what.. ANYONE.. says.. belief your instinct.. observe the indicators.. belief the universe. 

For those who get misplaced.. search for Alan Watts, Sadhguru, Neville Godard, even Osho (though barely extra cryptic then the remaining mixed however actually extra entertaining)

Bear in mind ideas turn into phrases, phrases turn into your actions and actions.. your actions they outline your future. You’ve all the things that you must manifest your future. I’m gonna borrow off Hollywood for this bit right here.

As Brad Pitt in his iconic & timeless portrayal of Achilles in Troy stated to us all.. all these years in the past.. I shall simply repeat the message.. I’m however a harbinger of fact nothing extra nothing much less.. perhaps you’ll get it perhaps you gained’t however hey I’m doing this for me.. For those who ever do it.. don’t trouble doing it for anybody else.. ⭐️

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2022=666:The Leisure’s Singaporean Artist Manifesto

My fellow Singaporeans we’ve got been chosen.. blessed with the best to steer this campaign in opposition to the white man’s invasion of our ideas minds and souls.. (and thus by extension all maligned deprived ppl subjected to the American imperial invasion of your cultures! 

My brothers of the sword! I might somewhat battle beside you than any military of hundreds! Let no man neglect how menacing we’re! We’re lions! (Singapura ma 😆) 

Are you aware what’s there, ready past that seashore? Immortality! Take it! It is yours! (That’s true too, we’re everlasting)

And if you happen to don’t consider that you simply actually at the least consider that the flames 🔥 that burn the brightest burn out the quickest so let me draw you a parallel there.. for although you aren’t incorrect to consider this you lack sight of the whole image however extra on that later.. for now I problem you to say so be it.. if it needs to be quick however brilliant ⭐️⭐️⭐️(though, that’s actually not potential in any respect since as I stated already… we’re immortal eternals) nonetheless take into account it as u would “potential” 

Jesus Christ man,What’s a protracted boring life in comparison with one that can free generations to return of this unjust Western thoughts house /world / thoughts universe / meta verse we’ve got all been subjected to since beginning, with them laying to us what standard tradition is thereby perpetually scarring generations of our ppl who grew up wanting western beliefs & notions of success and happiness. 

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Hey America/ West… FYI that shit stops now, we right here to symbolize.:. And final time I checked.. Asia alone is 4.56 billion sturdy. Appears like standard tradition, actually (if you wish to take the phrases at face worth) has to now make a giant change to asian tradition:.. America you prepared ? We already taking u for a experience didn you see..

You let in our Asian Trojan brothers already. They’ve taken the beachhead and extra. Oh wait you didn learn about this.. rattling… You… Parasite!!!

Rings a bell no??? 😇⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😇Now that your gates have been thrown open we simply gonna pouring in brothers and sisters, simply get used to seeing extra of not you in your screens.. It’s about time wouldn’t you say ? 😂 


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